Pests gone from just $220.

Using only products that are safe around your kids, pets and the environemnt.

Flat quotes, with no hidden or extra cost

Strategic, thorough and affordable pest control services in Newcastle, NSW and surrounds.


Based on an average 3-4 bedroom house.

Conditions apply for warranty on German cockroaches.

Standard: Large cockroaches, German cockroaches and spiders. $220 

Deluxe: Large cockroaches, German cockroaches, webbing spiders, ants, mice and silverfish. $260 

Premium: Everything from the Deluxe package plus a termite inspection. $399 

Termite inspection   $250 

If you need any type of pest control in your home, office or building that have overstayed their welcome, call Termi Pro Shield now.

    Pests don’t stand a chance

    With innovative technology that helps us locate pests along with tried and tested products that allow us to strategically target them – you won’t be pestered in your own home for long!

    No interruption to your life

    We implement a sniper’s approach to tackling pests. We don’t need you to vacate any rooms or cover anything up. Just carry on with your daily life, and we’ll take care of the pests.

    Don’t take a chance with termites

    If your like most Australian’s, your home is what you have to show for your life’s work. Don’t let that get eaten away by termites.

    A one-off investment in a termite barrier will protect your property for the next 20+ years.

    Numbers we often get asked for

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    • Working With Children
    • ABN
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Termi Pro Shield has been taking care of pests in cafes, restaurants and hotels for over 20 years.

    We’re extremely thorough, ensuring that we can minimise hiding/nesting places for pests within the property to ensure a smooth, pest free operation of your business.

    We can also provide simple yet highly effective strategies to help minimise attracting pests in the future so that you can spend less money on pest control.

    Typically, when termites are discovered, they’ve already done significant damage.

    By installing a termite barrier, you’re adding a protective chemical layer around your property that is harmless to your family and pets, but devastating to any termites that dare cross it.

    Once a termite comes into contact with our barrier, they are not killed immediately. Once they go back to their nest and make contact with other termites, they effectively infect other termites with the treatment.

    This treatment spreads throughout the colony eventually getting to the Queen. Once the Queen dies, the entire termite colony collapses keeping your area free of these timber loving pests. 

    Once Termi Pro Shield has applied the appropriate treatment for the pest that we’re targeting, it is usually enough to stop that infestation. 

    However, if there are aspects of the environment that attracts pests, more will come.

    Once we are on your property, we can identify these problem areas and provide recommendations on how to best remedy them to reduce the liklihood of more pests returning in the future.

    The most effective pest control products require a licence to purchase.

    This is because they can be deadly if not strategically and in the correct doseage.

    Products in the supermarket are designed to be ‘idiot-proof’ and therefore are highly ineffective when dealing with any serious pest problems.

    By combining products that have been tried and tested and with our highly selective useage of them, we strive to avoid any secondary poisoning to other animals, such as birds or cats that may come into contact with treated rodents or other pests.

    Pest control, to us, is about keeping your home and your family a safe and sanitary place to live whilst doing no harm to our delicate ecosystem and wildlife.

    Termi Pro Shield will look after your home with responsible and environmentally friendly pest control Newcastle.

    Using the minimal amount of chemicals is not only better in your home, but it is vital in food preparation areas such as cafes, restaurants, hospitals and aged care centres.

    Instead of spraying instant-kill chemicals and heavy barriers, we apply a sniper’s approach to our pest control in Newcastle. Whilst this approach takes a bit of time to kill, it allows the infection to spread deep throughout the colony and achieves a total (or near total) eradication of the local pest population.

    That means less chemicals in your home/business and less chances of any pests returning.

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